In April 2013 MAG Assembly was proud to be appointed NZ Agent for the Melbourne based Vivacity edge-lit light panels. The advantages of an edge-lit light panel over a standard lightbox are that it is cheaper, less bulky, with a slim profile of no more than 20mm out from the mounting surface for a more discreet presence or where an illuminated ‘poster frame’ look is required, or where depth of the sign is an issue.
The main disadvantage is that most edge-lit light panel faces won’t illuminate evenly if the height of the panel is greater than 600mm, which effectively limits the panel to a maximum A2 size. Panels larger than this will have a dark shadow in the middle of the panel where the light will not reach.
Vivacity light panels use a South Korean made light panel that uses a patented diamond-etch technique to create a light-guide plate only 3mm thick that will evenly illuminate across the entire panel up to 2 meters high.
Available in two thicknesses of 16mm or 20mm depending on the face size, Vivacity light panels only need illuminating from the top and bottom edges using top-of-the-line Samsung LED’s, providing a more cost-effective light panel than most competitive options, that is also thinner, brighter, has no edge hot-spots, no centre shadowing, is more durable and energy efficient, and doesn’t run hot. In addition, there are also 3 different brightness levels available using different LED pitch spacing.
The light panels include an integrated snap-loading frame for fast and easy change out of graphic content.
Panels can also be supplied with magnetic Peel Face and Lockable Hinged frame.
Available ex-stock in common sizes from A3 to A0, and on indent in any custom size up to 6mx2m with a MOQ of 10 units.
These edge-lit light panels are also the perfect retrofit to the standard 1200x600mm office fluorescent lighting troffer packs, providing an increased and more even lighting levels in warm or cool white, less eye-strain and fatigue, reduced maintenance requirements and huge power savings! For increased ambience, a high resolution colour graphic can be inserted in the integrated snap frame, to create for example, a realistic and aesthetic image of any simulated external view from out of a skylight.
Cut through the competition and give your client the ‘edge’ with the World’s most advanced edge-lit panel technology.