Our LED lightboxes are built of the highest quality materials and have advanced features that make servicing and maintenance very easy. Front loading displays feature our patented Eziloader snap frame front loading system that allows a duratrans graphic print to be quickly and easily changed, and allows for lightboxes to be mounted in tight spaces without compromising the ability to open and service the lightbox. 2D primary signs are also typically made as lightboxes using a 150mm or 200mm signcase extrusion.
Our Axiom LED modules are ideally suited for lightboxes as they are pre-wired in the Factory at a spacing ideally suited for lightboxes from 120mm to 200mm deep. Our Axle9 LED’s are a very bright cool white and energy efficient LED that uses only 1.2 Watts of power at 12V – about 50% less than the equivalent number of fluorescent lighting, and are guaranteed for 5 years meaning your customers won’t have to keep replacing starters and fluorescent tubes in their lightboxes.