MAG Asembly


These are usually made from either aluminium signcase extrusion, or with an aluminium sub-frame, and are typically illuminated with LED's. The 2D sign is usually an opal acrylic flat panel front that graphics can be applied to, mounted to a single or double-sided aluminium signcase extrusion body either 150mm or 200mm deep. This gives a very effective and low cost illuminated sign.


These are commonly made with an aluminium sub-frame, illuminated with LED's mounted to a removable gear tray integral with the sub-frame. The face of a 3D sign is usually a combination of opal acrylic 3d letters protruding through an ACM or aluminium body and face, with the lettering illuminated. Other special effect lighting can also be added to the sign such as edge-lit, neon, RGB, or halo lighting effects. This type of sign provides a very professional image signs used by national, corporate or shopping centre brands.

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